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In a nutshell:
What is the “Social Media King” and what is it good for?


It´s all about YOU and the RIGHT contacts!


In this unique 90 day course with a weekly webinar you will become a person of authority in Social Media and build up a mass of high quality contacts.
You will reach the 5.000 friends in Facebook (and they will know about you!), you will reach the magic bench marks in LinkedIn and other social nets.


Weekly webinars.
We discuss the strategy and get new informations and ideas to create your personal way.


Small working group to keep the process fast and individual


We use the proofen step-by-step strategy 
Everything will be clear and understandable.
Everything will be easy to do.
You will see the positive results every week more and more.


Individual Training
Yes. I will talk with you individual about your progress and help you to reach the goal.

This high value Social Media Coaching is INCLUDED in the course! We will use all abillities to bring you to success!

From now in 90 days you will have more contacts than you ever could imagine. You can share your message to the world, you can grow your business or find the right people for your business. 
No matter what your goals are: With the right friends all will become easier!

This system I did develop during the last years and it did change a lot in my life. It is awesome powerfull.  Please understand that I just will share it and work together with good hearted people!


Imagine the following scenario: You have a large number of good hearted persons in your contacts list. They like you as a person and are interested in your life, your experiences and your adventures. They see YOUR personal value and what you contribute to the world. How many potential business contacts might be there? People who could help your existing business, people who could potentially add something to your business or people who could take you in a completely new direction.

Sound good?

So I’ve created a product out of my experience and knowledge of Social Media. The Social Media King. It’s a 90 day course with weekly online group meetings, informational updates each week detailing each step of your journey and personal 1-on-1 Skype calls (with yours truly) where we can break down your situation and determine the best strategy on building your own personal royal court.

The main topics for the course will be:

Creating or changing your profile into one that attracts people

How to behave like a noble king on Social Media

How to acquire high numbers of new, quality contacts

How to turn these contacts into friends and future customers


This course is for people who want to change the game of life. The daily workload will be less than 20 minutes to build your own personal royal court!

Start: September 2016

Maximum Participants: 15

Price: 600 $ (USD)

 This course is powerfull and I will share this knowledge only with the right people. You see this course will change YOUR game? – Fill out the contact form and tell me, why YOU deserve to be 1 of 15.

Talk with you soon!


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